Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

First Combat

Nym's Past

Nym was just beginning to make out the chaos that lay before him. The grunts, the screams, and the clash of steel and steel rang with the death-knell of war- and Nym looked at the distant fallen fearfully.

A commanding voice made him focus again, “Quickly now! Onward to Everlund!”

The Knights in Silver, a few hundred of them, began to jog, then race. The distance between the Knights and the orcs was closing. Overhead, there was a loud, piercing caw.

Nym looked up and observed a great bird, mounted by a rider directing it and a robed elf. Together they veered over the enemy, then descended at an angle towards the back of the orc army. The elf motioned, uttering the words of a spell. A wall of fire arose in the back of the orc army, inflaming a few, a challenge as if to say, “Don’t you run away now.”

Near Nym a few soldiers chuckled with excitement. Nym realized the gravity of the situation as his blade was not but twenty paces from the orc army and the struggling defenders of Everlund. Nym’s heartbeat quickened.

Seeing an orc overpower a soldier from Everlund, Nym yelled and leapt forward with his bastard sword, slicing horizontally at the unsuspecting orc’s chest. Blood spurted from its wound and mouth and it fell dead. Suddenly another orc appeared, shield and mace in hand, and swung a heavy blow at Nym, who tumbled away without even looking at the orc. Now the rescued soldier, a human, rose to join Nym. The soldier fainted to the left with his long sword but was in turn battered by the orc’s shield, and instantly Nym accelerated forward to slash at the orc’s unguarded left side, or right as he saw it. This time the blade only grazed the orc and the orc retaliated with a low sweep of its mace. Nym tried to jump and managed to reduce the blow to a mere trip but fell onto his back. There he saw the shield moving down to crush him, so he twisted out of the way. The next thing he heard after the shield thudded against the ground was the grunt of the orc’s death, and Nym saw that a blade had run it through from behind, that of the soldier he had rescued.

“We even now?” the soldier asked with a hint of joviality.

Nym turned to the orc army, making sure he wouldn’t get surprised again. “For now yes, but there’s more fighting to be done,” he smiled.

Nym smiled. Not too long ago, he was stuck in Silverymoon. There, it was one thing to be a half-elf, but another entirely to be a bastard. The soldier he had saved seemed hardly to notice that he was a half-elf at all, and it didn’t seem to matter to him. Another thing, battle seemed to release him from his grip on life itself. It was an escape- it gave him freedom he had never felt. Given his survival that day, Nym would never be the same.



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