Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

A Glimpse Into the past

Tansy 1

Tansy stood there, looking at her claws and feeling the long familiar sting of failure. And she had been doing so well this time! It had been, by her reckoning, about six months since she’d done anything fu-evil. That was pretty good! It was by far her personal best.

And it wasn’t even on purpose this time, that was the worst part. She hadn’t really meant to kill the boy, they were just playing in the woods behind his family farmhouse like they did whenever his parents went into town. They had been playing tag and she had just…gotten carried away. Who invented this game anyways, where you stalk and hunt your prey and then just lightly tap them on the back?

Thoughts of pitchforks and torches came to mind. Sometimes when things like this happen they got the whole village together to try to kill her. The last time a town did that she had killed everyone there…but that was self-defense, so that didn’t count towards the whole evil thing. But now she had this tiny body and his parents would be home soon. Maybe if she hid it? No, then they would know something was wrong right away. And then she had what was, to her, a brilliant idea.

She heard the front door open just as she was pulling the covers up under the boy’s chin. There, he looked just like he was sleeping. As Tansy turned to go the bedroom door opened and the dad walked in, saw her crouched over his son’s bed, and tried to rush her. Instinctively she pushed him away but as she did her claws raked across his throat and he fell with a loud noise into the corner. She looked up and saw the boy’s mother turning to run. She called out for her to wait, that she hadn’t meant to, then reached out to the woman’s shoulder to turn her back around. As the woman spun her neck jerked to the side and she crumpled to the ground.

Damn it! Every time! This was way too hard, she didn’t understand how people did it. Maybe…maybe she couldn’t do it on her own…maybe it was time she admitted she needed help.



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